Schools Rugby Term 3, Week 2


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Schools Rugby Term 3, Week 2

Home Team


Away Team

Sydney Grammar School

8 - 14

The Armidale School

Newington College

17 - 42

St Ignatius College

The Scots College

45 - 13

Shore School

St Josephs College

25 - 30

The King’s School

Oakhill College

3 - 10

Kinross Wolaroi

St Pius X College

12 - 41

St Patrick’s College

St Augustine’s College

St Gregory’s College

Trinity Grammar School

32 - 8

Cranbrook School

St Aloysius’ College

21 - 7

Knox Grammar School

Waverley College

29 - 31

Barker College


Sydney Grammar School 1st XV vs The Armidale School 1st XV (by David Zhang)

After a long 8 hours drive up to Grammar the previous night, the well anticipated Batyr round between the first XVs promoting men’s mental health was the climax of the annual trip. The boys played at Weigall on a pleasant day with a spectacular atmosphere as parents and boys from both schools showed up to show their support.

Grammar looked to continue their stride coming from a win last week as Armidale hoped to display some fine rugby skills. However, worn out from their travels, Armidale were challenged from kickoff allowing a number of turnovers letting Stirling Smith slip in for an early try on the wing, conversion unsuccessful.

Armidale were able to consolidate in defence, forcing the game to even out and proving good contest between the teams. Devastating ball running from the Armidale forwards and fine footwork by the halfback allowed him to score a try, conversion successful.

As the game shifted to TAS’s half, Grammar applied pressure enabling them to score a quick 3 from a penalty. Afterwards, Grammar struggled to produce points as Armidale gained meters creeping up to the black and gold tryline.

In the second half, persistent and barnstorming runs saw Armidale test the defence of the Bumblebees, ultimately making a breakthrough and scoring a try, conversion successful.

From this point the game proved to be tight and entertaining as boys from both sides fought with all their might. The remainder of the second half could only be described as some gritty rugby as players made shots on each other that caused the crowds to stir.

Armidale were camped on their own tryline as Grammar utilised their forwards as well as playing set plays to test the endurance of their opposition. However, a lapse in concentration saw an Armidale player intercept a pass and bolt towards Grammar’s half.

In the final minutes of the game, Grammar were determined to keep the score settled and saw Stirling Smith make a try saving tackle to stop the TAS halfback from scoring again.

In a very close game of rugby, boys from both teams displayed teamwork and skills which they should be proud of and hope to improve on in the following weeks. Despite the long trip beforehand, Armidale were able to push hard proving themselves to be the better side, 14-8 full time to Armidale.

Oakhill College V Kinross Wolaroi Score: 3 - 10 (by Oscar Nowak Allcorn)

It was a fantastic day of rugby between Oakhill College, led by Sam Dover, and Kinross Wolaroi, led by Australian Schoolboy Aidan Kelso who made the trip from Orange for the game. Both teams were pumped to get a win, starting the game with blue skies and ending in a beautiful sunset. Oakhill was in for a hard
game with Kinross who have two Australian Schoolboys, the Captain Aidan Kelso and Will Smith. The game was controlled by referee Richard Wanden, who was making some really tough decisions.

The whistle blew to start the game with Oakhill College kicking to Kinross. 30 seconds into the game Oakhill gave a penalty to Kinross for hands in the ruck. Kinross decided to kick into touch and therefore a lineout to Kinross but Oakhill got their hands on the ball, unfortunately dropping it forward causing a scrum for Kinross.

A few phases down the track Oakhill’s inside centre, Maxim Laurie got penalised for a high tackle. This was not the first time a high tackle was made, in fact there were a lot of dangerous tackles during the game that were not penalised for as both teams played a very aggressive game with great contests at breakdown. Richard Wanden had a hard job controlling the game and was forced to reach into his pocket for the yellow card giving Kinross flanker, Joke Medway his marching orders. Soon after, Oakhill’s outside centre Haydn Murray was penalised for a high tackle.

In a great display of free flow rugby Oakhill’s backline received the ball from a scrum on the halfway line, spreading it to Haydn Murray who, after a 20m gain offloaded the ball to his winger Joel Magee. Joel sprinted to the corner but could not hold onto the ball in a try saving tackle on the try line by Fletcher Rose.

Penalties flowed during the first half on the enthusiasm from both team to put points on the board. At the 30 minute mark Oakhill gave away a penalty to Kinross, whose desperate attempt to gain ground, kicked the ball into the ingoal area rather than into touch.

The half time whistle blew after a great contest with scores level at 0-0.

Kinross kick the ball to Oakhill to commence the second half. However, the game was paused after 5 minutes with Oakhill’s prop George Ashkar receiving a few words and a yellow card from the referee.

Kinross took advantage of Oakhill being one man short, with Fletcher Rose breaking through a number of tackles and crossing the line for the first try of the game. The conversion attempt by Preston Simpson was unsuccessful.

Soon after, Oakhill put their first and only points on the board with Lachlan Brooke kicking for goal after a penalty by Kinross, taking the score to 3-5.

Fletcher Rose crossed the line again on the 15 minute mark taking the score to 3-10. Preston Simpson’s kick failed to convert the try.

The Oakhill’s boys were attacking hard and strong in the breakdowns but failed to make a number of opportunities work in their favour.

The final whistle blew and the final score was 3-10 to Kinross in a hard fought game, where the penalty count was 21.

At the post match function, on behalf of his team, Oakhill’s captain Sam Dover named Kinross’ Jock Medway best forward and Lachlan Fisher the best back. Kinross’s captain Aidan Kelso spoke for his team, nominating Dylan Madden as Oakhill’s player of the match.

Final Score 3-10
Oakhill: Lachlan Brooke, 1 penalty goal
Kinross: Fletcher Rose 2 tries

St Joseph's College v The King's School

A brilliant initiative by both schools to raise money for Rural Aid Australia.






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