Grant requests for training equipment, clubhouse appliances or other items that do not require Council approval may be made immediately when grant applications are open.


Grants for infrastructure will require some planning.
Speak to your local Council about your plans. Where grounds are Council-owned, consider joining with other ground users to discuss potential improvements.

If Council informally approves the concept, engage an architect to put together some plans.

You do not need to have DA-approved plans to make an application, however, an indication of Council’s ‘in principle’ agreement to the project is helpful to your application, even if it just a letter of support.

For some grants, your Club may be required to make a financial contribution. Each grant will detail the criteria.

Handy Hints

Grant applications are competitive, so not all applications will be successful.

It is worthwhile applying for more than one grant for your project. Remember also that projects for infrastructure that may be shared with other sports, used by the general public and/or promote inclusiveness (such as female participation) are often viewed favourably.

If you are not sure where to start, have some general queries or need a Letter of Support, please feel free to contact Natalie Baini, Government Relations Manager, by email on or phone 02 9323 3453.

For projects with an estimated value over $100,000, NSW Rugby Union can get involved and help establish a relationship with Council or speak on your Club’s behalf to your local State and Federal MPs regarding your project. Please complete the attached “Club Infrastructure – Preliminary Questionnaire” and return via email.

Please note that involvement in the grant application process by NSWRU attracts a fee of 5% of the overall project value. The fee includes regular contact with your government representatives to progress your application. It is suggested you factor this fee into the project budget for which you are seeking a grant.